The Clubhouse

Watch The Video Below About Our Proposed Clubhouse Updates

We hope to be seeing these updates and more in the coming year!.

The Amarillo Country Club was established in 1919 on the Ayers place west of the city. Its founding was led by banker and oil man, Charles A. Fisk and was the first of its kind in the Panhandle of Texas. With a population of nearly 16,000 and the oil and gas business beginning to boom, The Amarillo Country Club provided business men with a gathering place where they could exercise and relax in style. ACC has held several high profile exhibitions over the years, hosting greats such as Gene Sarzen , Ben Hogan , Byron Nelson, Tom Lehman, Jeff Maggert and Ryan Palmer. In 2012, major renovations saw updates to the clubhouse, golf shop, cart barn, tennis courts and a major redesign of the golf course. We welcome you to explore the club and enjoy what we have to offer.

The Current Clubhouse