Membership Levels

Stockholding Membership:

100% Dues and Assessments. Access to all club amenities, entitled to one vote per membership.

Corporate Membership:

A business or corporation may designate up to a maximum of eight (8) qualified executive associates. One stockholder must be the primary member of the membership. Accessibility for each associate shall be the same as the membership classification desired at 25% of the initiation and 100% of the selected monthly dues. This membership is designed for your associates in mind. 

Junior Membership:

70% Dues and Assessments. Eligible candidates are 21-39 years old (inclusive), access to all club amenities, ACC will hold one share of stock until the Junior reaches the age of 40 when the stock is returned to the member, entitled to one vote per membership

Sporting Membership:

50% Dues and Assessments. Access to all club amenities with the exception of the golf course, includes eight (8) rounds of golf per year per membership (greens fee equal to guest fee is applicable per player), no stock, and no voting rights

Dining Membership:

30% Dues and Assessments. Access restricted to dining areas only, no stock and no voting rights

Non-Resident Membership:

50% Dues and Assessments. Eligible candidates reside outside of Potter and Randall county for at least ten (10) months each year and whose permanent place of business is not in Potter or Randall county, access to all club amenities, no stock and no voting rights.

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